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Common symptoms: · CRACKLES%20(Rales,%20crepitations) · TRACHEAL DEVIATION · FATIGUE · NUCHAL RIGIDITY · CRACKLES (Rales, crepitations)

Common diseases: · drugs · influenza · Breast Cancer · HEADACHE

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2 · Applied_Physiology.pdf
3 · Beutler_-_Williams_Hematology_6th_ed
4 · Atlas_of_Neuroanatomy_and_Neurophysi
5 · Netters_Anatomy_Coloring_Book_pdb.ra

Interesting Facts:

1. What drugs can do to you and your body ?
2. What alcohol really does to your body ?
3. Breast Cancer symptoms.
4. Influenza symptoms.
5. HEADACHE diseases.

Virus and bacteria image database:
hare fibroma virus
HCMV (human cytomegalovirus)
hemadsorption virus 2
hemagglutinating virus of Japan
hemorrhagic fever virus
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